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Corporate support

Allow PRIME to simplify your corporate health care concerns. We will work with you to create a customized service that fits your company. Our professional team assists you in many areas including consultation and educational seminars, disaster medical management, workman's compensation claims management as well as lending our expertise throughout the job-injury or human resource litigation process.

Professional Education
Professional training and seminars for your key staff members
  • Corporate medical supervision
  • Professional medical education
  • Training of professional nursing staff
  • General client professional seminars

Disaster Management
When job site disaster happens, our experienced team responds immediately
  • Gather and manage medical data
  • Identify, document, and treat or supervise treatment of any reported casualty
  • Medical case and contagion effect management
  • Community and psychiatric management

Litigation Assistance
Professional research and expert witness testimony for your HR or work-injury claims
  • Pre-litigation injury claim management.
  • Medical data interpretation
  • Professional statement/opinion management
  • Expert witness testimony