A OGUK Offshore Medical Exam will ensure an individual is fit to work in an offshore oil and gas exploration and production environment and travel to a specific regions (UK sector or the North Sea).  All offshore workers must pass the OGUK before working offshore.

*The OGUK Offshore Medical is valid for two years.


The PRIME OGUK Medical Exam will require:

  • Completion of Patient Health History Questionnaire
  • Urinalysis – routine urine test with immediate result
  • BMI – measurement of height, weight and calculation of Body Mass Index
  • Visual – Near, Distance and Color Vision
  • Pulse and Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Lung Function Test (peak flow)
  • Audiogram (hearing test)
  • Consultation with an OGUK physician

OGUK Physicians will:

  • Have knowledge of the offshore environment and remote medicine
  • Demonstrate knowledge of, or possess a qualification in, occupational medicine
  • Have access to appropriate examination facilities
  • Undertake an Oil & Gas UK one-day training program in offshore medical assessment as it is expected to have sufficient understanding of and the ability in spoken English to participate in the training without an interpreter.
  • Understand the principles of the risk-based approach embodied in these guidelines