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Employees benefit from education and training on ergonomics, fitness and incident/illness prevention. Our accessible and approachable medical providers assist your company's safety professionals with regulatory compliance, recordkeeping management, and risk assessments. We help improve workplace effectiveness while maximizing the quality of the "sports medicine" model of injury care management...

Case Management
Local and Remote
  • Review medical data; anywhere, any source
  • Communicate with remote medical providers
  • Assist providers with regulation compliance
Causation Analysis
Analysis with case management services
  • Did the injury occur at the job site?
  • Was the illness related to the job?
  • Was there a pre-existing condition?

Injury Management
Medical Treatment
  • Convenient times and at convenient locations
  • On-location nursing/medical staffing
  • 24/7 Medical response
  • Remotely via telemedicine
  • Medical specialists working as a PRIME medical team
Preventive Planning
Avoid Incident / Illness
  • Ergonomic analysis
  • Stretch-flex program
  • Employee fitness training
  • Preventive medicine services
  • Employee wellness programs
  • Wellness program evaluation