Telemedicine is the use of electronic communication technologies to provide medical care to patients without an in-person visit, with the goal of improving the patient’s health status. These electronic communications may be used for follow-up, management of chronic conditions, medication management, consultation with specialists, or other clinical services that can be provided remotely via secure video and audio connections. Telemedicine helps to provide access to prompt, high-quality medical care, timely return to employment, and better outcomes for injured workers and their employers.

Simplified Administration and Management

Informed medical decisions can be made without employees ever having to leave the job site. This simplifies the administration of preventive medicine and proper management of chronic conditions.

Monitoring and Tracking

Telemedicine provides the ability to monitor employees and track recovery while also facilitating communication between medical professionals and remote employees.

Cost Savings

Reduces corporate costs and liability through increased positive outcomes, reduction of unnecessary specialist visits and increased patient compliance.


Simple installation, 24 hour care access, faster access to injury/illness history, and enhanced capabilities for site medics and nurses ensures prompt provision of care for all employees.

Aside from immediate assessment and evaluation, telemedicine can be used for follow-up appointments and secondary opinions. It can also provide access to specialists who may not be available locally. Video consultations, along with remote patient monitoring technologies, can allow healthcare providers to monitor high-risk conditions, track patient progress, and help prevent or minimize complications or delays in treatment. All of this can be done while eliminating patient travel, associated expenses, and missed time from work.


Save time and money for patients and employers

Faster return to work

Provide faster, more efficient access to high-quality medical care

Make specialists more easily accessible

Better outcomes overall