“Recent studies prove that employers who perform annual employee physical exams and wellness programs save between 26% and 32% in healthcare costs every year.

Prime’s DOT certified medical examiners will carefully evaluate employees and provide appropriate and consistent medical recommendations to assist safety and human resources management. These recommendations provide valuable information to ensure that workers are placed in appropriate positions in accordance with the physical and mental demands of their work conditions and environment. Whether the situation calls for a pre-placement, fit-for-duty, return-to-work or annual wellness assessments, our examiners will provide the most appropriate medical recommendations with consideration for each worker’s job responsibilities.

Fit for Duty Evaluations:

Medical examinations can be customized for each job description within your company. Whether your employees work in the administrative office or on an offshore rig, we can help design a quality examination according to a specific job position or working conditions.


Electronic Medical Questionnaire:

Prime’s electronic medical evaluation system helps employers quickly determine whether or not their workers are healthy enough to perform their jobs optimally and safely.  This cost effective exam alternative aims to provide a basic level of medical screening for high turnover hires, non-safety sensitive positions and maritime/offshore workers. Prime’s system also delivers HIPAA compliant, direct access to employee medical statuses, thus ensuring that workers are medically fit for their assigned duties.