An initial physical examination is required for workers exposed to Butadiene (BD) and should be repeated once every three years. The intention of the initial physical examination is to assess the exposed worker’s baseline general health and rule out clinical signs of medical conditions that may be caused by or aggravated by occupational BD exposure.  Examinations focus on liver, spleen, lymph nodes, and skin.

PRIME will perform physical examination focused on the identification of signs of lymphohematopoietic disorders, including:

  1. Lymph node enlargement
  2. Splenomegaly
  3. Hepatomegaly


The medical screening and surveillance program requires an annual CBC, with differential and platelet count, to be provided for each employee with BD exposure.  This test is to be performed on a blood sample obtained by phlebotomy of the venous system or, if technically feasible, from a fingerstick sample of capillary blood.

PRIME providers depend heavily on information gathered in the health questionnaire for indications of symptoms generally related to leukemia or other blood abnormalities.

*If a worker experiences acute Butadiene exposure he/she must have CBC and monthly CBC’s for following 3 months.