PRIME Occupational Medicine

Medical Exams

From benzene exams to respirator fit tests, PRIME Occupational Medicine can perform a full range of medical exams.


PRIME offers drug & alcohol screening services with a full range of tests.

Random Screen Program

PRIME can design, manage and support random drug testing programs.

Injury Care

PRIME provides the injured worker with medical care and a return-to-work program that will lead to a safe, quick recovery.


PRIME Occupational Medicine’s vaccination services can help keep your workforce safe and healthy.


Telemedicine enables PRIME medical providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat employees remotely using the latest technology.

Osha Compliance Testing & Medical Surveillance

Regular health screenings are important components of employee health and wellness.


PRIME’s team of certified Medical Review Officers will assist you with expert guidance as your first line of defense for your drug testing program.

Case Management & Medical Director

The PRIME medical directorship program provides the benefits and expertise of a company medical director without exhausting the time and expense required to hire a permanent physician.

Medical Staffing

PRIME specializes in the selection and integration of the occupational medicine professional right at your own workplace.


PRIME aims to use clear and effective communication with employees to develop on-site solutions that are customizable and scalable for the workforce.

After Hours

All full service clinics are available for after hours services.

Offshore Services

Servicing the maritime industry, PRIME is able to provide emergency response professionals and remote medical management on a global scale.

Corporate Medical Solutions

PRIME Corporate Medical Consulting provides the following services designed to aid in the management of employees’ medical risks.


From bloodborne pathogens to CPR, PRIME offers training courses to fit your company’s unique needs.

Electronic Medical Questionnaire

PRIME’s Electronic Medical Questionnaire helps employers quickly determine whether or not their workers can safely perform job tasks.