PRIME Occupational Medicine Physicians will:

  • Be available to discuss general occupational risk issues – regulatory compliance, injury/illness prevention, false claim prevention, injury causation analysis, etc.
  • Discuss  issues with HR/Risk Management personnel for the purpose of designing a medical management protocol for various departments and review medical protocols and quality control plans.
  • Be available to support risk management staff with consultation concerning any medical issues related to employees.

Professional Education

Prime Occupational Medicine values education and strives to enhance the field by providing professional education opportunities for our clients and associates.

Our board certified physicians are willing to assist your key staff with health & safety goals. PRIME operates as your corporate medical support for the current medical director or management.

Our expert staff is available to review your company’s policies and provide up-to-date medical consultation that may affect the way your company carries out its health and safety practices.

PRIME provides opportunities for management to gain direct access to our network of specialists and helpful insight into the most challenging issues that corporate management currently faces. We recently held instructional seminars on the best initial care for injured employees, Substance Abuse Programs (SAP’s) and legal matters that employers face.

Disaster Management

Our experienced medical staff can quickly respond to and manage employee-related issues that derive from unfortunate disasters.

Litigation Assistance

Get expert medical advice from board-certified physicians that helps your management staff respond to legal challenges.