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With over 20 years of experience working with clients in the oil and gas industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide remote medical, safety, training and clinical services for our customers, while reducing overall medical costs. As your occupational medicine partner, we strive to keep your employees healthy, productive and safe.


“About 22% of employers with 1,000 or more employees currently offer telemedicine services, and another 37% of employers plan to offer telemedicine services to their employees by the end of this year.”

Telemedicine is changing the way employers provide medical care. There is no doubt about it. As technology has become more a part of our daily lives, employees have become more open to the idea every day, especially when they realize telemedicine means more convenient, accessible healthcare. We, too, are starting to see the benefits: better care outcomes, less ER visits, happier employees, and more positive outcomes. As a result, telemedicine is on the rise.

PRIME’s remote medical service and technology are quickly becoming commonplace for industrial, commercial and government organizations across the globe. Telemedicine enables medical providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely using the latest technology. In many situations, telemedicine delivers a cost-effective alternative or enhancement to traditional in-house medical staffing.

Key Features:

• Provides medical providers 24/7 access to local and remotely located employees
• Ability to monitor employees and track recovery, facilitating communication between doctors and employees.
• Simplifies administration of preventive medicine and management of chronic conditions.
• Faster access to medical history
• Recorded as a legal office visit
• Simple installation

Key Benefits:

• Early intervention resulting in more accurate diagnosis
• Significantly reduces corporate costs and liability in multiple ways
• Dramatically increases positive outcomes by reducing unnecessary hospital visits, more faithful following of prescribed courses of treatment resulting in faster return to work.
• Informed medical decisions made on site