The PRIME team has tremendous respect for all public safety personnel and understand the daily work-related risks and hazards associated with these professions.  Our team will work to develop on-boarding medical solutions such as drug screening and fit for duty tests, to ensure potential candidates are suited for the physical demands related to public safety.  Additionally, PRIME  will offer injury management services to workers injured on the job that include initial diagnosis and treatment along with aggressive follow up care in an effort to get the worker back to work as soon as possible.


Being a firefighter requires a certain minimum level of physical fitness including having the strength and fitness to perform extensive crawling or walking, climbing stairs/ladders while lifting and carrying heavy objects, wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus, ventilating roofs or walls using power tools and/or hand tools and advancing water-filled hoses.   At PRIME, we will work with your department to develop a fit for duty program that best replicates the physical demands of a firefighter.  Our team will also work with you to customize your medical screening requirements such as your drug screening program, physical assessment requirements and return to work protocols.


It is critical that law enforcement officers be able to perform their jobs as safely as possible considering the stressful environments encountered on a day to day basis.

PRIME will provide evaluations and pre-screening services to law enforcement officials that fall within all state and federal guidelines.