PRIME Corporate Medical Solutions Partners

As a corporate medical solutions partner, we value your trust and commitment to PRIME to help keep the workplace safe. The health and safety of your employees is essential to your success and is our main focus. In addition to the standard services, our goal is to provide you with support and relevant information to keep your team informed and your workforce safe. View the latest resources below.

Thank you for partnering with PRIME.

The Benefits of PRIME’s Corporate Medical Solutions Partnership

Physician Support

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24-Hour Physician Standby and Case Management

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Case Management Special Reports

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Regulatory Compliance Assistance

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Medical Policy and Protocol Management

Global Medical Quality Management

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Electronic Medical Evaluation (EME)

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Consistent Quality of Care

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Integrated Third Party
Medical Providers

Medical Intervention Procedure & Guidelines

For questions not related to medical intervention, please send your inquiry to:

  1. If in the event of an injury case, immediately call the Corporate Medical Services direct line at: (225) 328-0042
  2. Please have the following information during your initial call.
    a. Your name, title, company name, contact number and email
    b. Name of injured employee
    c. Injured employee’s Date of Birth or Social Security #
    d. Brief description of injury
    e. Time and date of injury
    f. Time injury was reported
    g. Name of clinic or place employee is being sent for treatment
    h. Please provide accurate phone number for treating facility/ clinic, ER phone number. (Inaccurate contact information may result in loss of communications)
    i. Anticipated time of arrival at ER, clinic, etc.
  3. Once required information is collected, the physician that will provide the medical intervention will contact you immediately. NOTE: If you do not receive confirmation within 15 minutes, please call the Corporate Medical Services direct line to confirm communications.
  4. Documentation of the injury management will be provided by email.
Please only share the Corporate Medical Solutions phone number with those who are responsible for decisions related to medical management issues. PRIME’s physicians provide remote medical intervention, but are not routinely tasked with tracking progress of the case. If you need Prime’s Corporate Medical Services to track a specific aspect of the case, please notify the coordinating physician.