LOGA 2019 Annual Meeting

PRIME Reps, Christian Brugman and Nikolas Michel attended the LOGA 2019 Annual Meeting from March 20 – March 22nd in Lake Charles. Over 300 people participated in the conference and were able to learn from multiple speakers from across the oil & gas industry, political spectrum and state offices as well as attend mixers on both the first and second night of the conference.

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Federal CCF Update

New Federal Custody & Control Forms must be used after June 30, 2018

Dear Clients:Please note that according to the Department of Transportation, “After June 30, 2018, you are required to use the newly revised Federal CCF.”

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Driving home the safety message for older workers

19 Jan 2018 Safety

You know that older workers bring skills, experience, and a respect for the rules to the workplace. But what about the driving? According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), “older drivers are more likely than their younger counterparts to adopt safe behaviors such as wearing a seatbelt and complying with speed limits.” However, NIOSH says those 55 and above are twice as likely to die in a work-related crash than other workers.

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