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PRIME and International SOS Announce Joint Venture

PRIME and International SOS Announce Joint Venture




Baton Rouge, La. – PRIME Occupational Medicine is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic alliance with International SOS, the world’s largest medical and security risk management company.

International SOS provides health and security solutions for organizations that have employees across the world, and the company’s highly-trained teams utilize their vast skill sets to provide safety measures and global medical assistance.  This venture comes at the perfect time as PRIME looks to expand on a global scale.

“We feel that our large footprint across the gulf gives us a unique ability to provide unprecedented occupational medical services for our clients. Our footprint, our technology and our experience in the occupational medical world allows us to provide a solution to our clients that is unmatched,” says Sean Connor, PRIME’s Vice President of Business Development.   

International SOS and PRIME believe this strategic alliance extends PRIME’s quality-driven medical and case management services across the globe through International SOS. The companies have a shared focus on high-quality service and client commitment, which will be amplified by this joint venture.

PRIME’s expertise in occupational health for the oil and gas sector integrates perfectly with International SOS’ global assistance capabilities. The two companies will share technology and infrastructure to better serve clients in regards to all offerings.

Dr. Luke Lee, the CEO and Founder of PRIME Occupational Medicine stated, “We are excited to begin this partnership and are certain that it increases the range of quality driven occupational medicine solutions we can offer our clients.”

International SOS operates in 96 countries, and with the acquisition of Beacon Medic Systems, PRIME catapults into the offshore medical staffing industry.