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Choking Incident

Know How to Treat a Choking Incident

A choking incident can occur anywhere – including the weekly staff meeting or at someone’s desk. If you saw a co-worker choking, would you be ready to help?
The universally understood sign for choking is when someone clutches their hands to their throat. However, if you suspect someone is choking and they’re not giving this sign, Mayo Clinic recommends checking for these issues:
•    Inability to speak
•    Problems breathing or breathing noisily
•    Inability to cough forcefully
•    Skin, lips and nails turn are turning blue or dusky
•    Loss of consciousness
If you encounter someone displaying any of these signs, move fast. “An airway obstruction is a life-threatening emergency because the victim is not getting oxygen,” the National Safety Council states. If your workplace has an emergency response team, have someone alert them that assistance is needed. (Read more about workplace emergency response teams from OSHA.) Read more…