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Marijuana Legislation Affects Workplace Drug Testing

8 Jan 2015 Medical

Can you fire an employee for testing positive for marijuana?
That question becomes more difficult to answer with every passing election. So far, 23 U.S. states have legalized medical marijuana, with Colorado and Washington voting to legalize recreational marijuana as well.
Many employers — especially those operating in states with these new laws — have questioned how these changes will affect their workplace drug testing policies and whether it’s still possible to promote and maintain a drug-free workplace.
Sorting through the changing laws can be confusing at times, but it’s really not as complicated as it seems. All you need is a fundamental awareness of the important facts and stats that should inform your company’s drug policy.

Key Facts to Know
The legalization of pot has definitely complicated things for employers. Laws and regulations vary from state to state, but here are several basics that are important to know…
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