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Preventing Heat Stress

Preventing Heat Stress

25 Jul 2015 Safety

The National Weather Service has predicted that Louisiana’s August temperatures will be 20 to 40% above normal.

Prime Occupational Medicine would like to encourage you to prevent your workers from becoming the next statisics! Heat related illnesses are easily prevented if you and your employees know what steps to take:

Heat Exhaustion can be treated, but PREVENTING IT IS MUCH BETTER!

Worker Recommendations:

  • Do know what combination of temp, work, and personal medical conditions that would put you at risk
  • Do know how much work you should do and how much water you should drink
  • Do rest and cool off regularly
  • Do know symptoms of heat exhaustion
  • Do cool off a victim quickly, using shade, fan, and wetness
  • Call for medical help as soon as possible


  • Don’t drink alcohol or caffeine drinks as your source of fluid intake
  • Don’t ignore you or your co-worker’s symptoms
  • Don’t ice down or rub alcohol on a victim
  • Don’t force a victim that is not fully alert to drink
  • Don’t hesitate to call for medical help
  • Above all, DO NOT push your or your co-workers’ physical limit

REMEMBER: Heat in areas with high humidity can severely limit your body’s normal ability to work.