Safety Leadership: Applying behavior-based safety to serious and fatal injury prevention

21 Feb 2015 Safety

Sometimes the best tool for a complex problem can be right in front of us. But does that principle apply in the case of something as complex and urgent as a serious injury or fatality (SIF)? For years, organizations have sought to understand the growing gap between incident rates that have steadily declined across industry and fatality rates that have not. The answers have challenged the conventional wisdom on accident causation.

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Keeping linemen safe

21 Dec 2014 Safety

As Lyndsi Guillien ate breakfast with a friend before a recent speech in New Orleans, a steady stream of utility linemen and their spouses filled a hotel ballroom. Guillien’s sadness returned. Then again, it never really left. Not since her husband, Nick, died Oct. 6, 2013, as a result of injuries he sustained after a vehicle rollover incident while on the job.

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Lessons from two recent bizarre workplace deaths

6 Dec 2013 Safety
An important reason to investigate workplace deaths is to prevent similar occurrences. Here are two recent worker fatalities and the potential lessons from both for other employees. They involve a sewer worker and a street sweeper.
Gustavo Briceno was doing maintenance in a sewer in Chicago when heavy rains sent a surge of water down the pipe he was working in and swept him away.
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