Lessons from two recent bizarre workplace deaths

6 Dec 2013 Safety
An important reason to investigate workplace deaths is to prevent similar occurrences. Here are two recent worker fatalities and the potential lessons from both for other employees. They involve a sewer worker and a street sweeper.
Gustavo Briceno was doing maintenance in a sewer in Chicago when heavy rains sent a surge of water down the pipe he was working in and swept him away.
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Deadly New Drug Easy For Teens to Buy Online, DEA Warns

6 Dec 2013 Safety

SALT LAKE CITY — The DEA is warning parents about a new drug that is easily accessible to teens and is already in Utah. The street drug is known as N-BOMe, Smiles, or 25i; but no matter what it’s called, the consequences can be deadly. The drug is most commonly taken like breath strips — users put them on their tongue, and a few seconds later it’s dissolved, releasing the drug into their system. It’s also very common as liquid drops, but the DEA said no matter the way it’s ingested, it can have a deadly affect.

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